Logsmith Homes was started several years ago by a Boeing engineer who was searching for a log home package that was:
  • Affordable (competes with conventional construction)
  • That can stand up to harsh Colorado weather conditions
  • More handcrafted looking than the typical milled log
  • Is easy to stack and seal 
In 1998 we began building our own rustic "D" style log kits which are still the most economical kits on the market today. In 2001 we created a 2 sided log with handcrafted saddle notched corners that matched the looks of any handcrafted kit at a fraction of the price. 

Mill and Yard

This is our 70 ft saw line designed to efficiently and accurately cut your logs.



Our secret!

We use only deadstandingEngleman Spruce logs from high up in the Rocky Mountains! They're bone dry and will not shrink, twist and warp like green logs. Perfect for dry alpine climates.

Our logs are not milled like most kits. We take the time to hand peel each log in our own shop, so they maintain their natural beauty. And they're bone dry!


Our logs are lightweight and easy to stack and easy to seal. We use vertical log bucks at all door and window openings to further prevent settling, and it looks good. 


Most kits can be assembled in about 6 weeks. This kit was erected by an owner/builder near Cauldwell, Kansas. 


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